Cookies Policy

To provide you with a browsing experience appropriate to your needs and to optimise the performance of we use cookies. ¬†EVENIA INTERNACIONAL makes a totally responsible and non-intrusive use of cookies and, as we care about your privacy, we inform you about how we use cookies on our site and the options you have to modify the use of them. What is a cookie A cookie is a piece of information from each web page that is stored on your computer. Why cookies used Cookies allow to recognize your browser and identify that you are a certain user. So basically cookies are used to remember the options you have chosen within browsing language, the currency you use, the form data, etc … Cookies also ensure that when you revisit a site, it will recognize you. cookies In order to achieve an easy-to-use and functional website, uses different cookies: Essential cookies: they are used to make the website work properly, to allow you to create a user account, make and manage your reservations. Functional cookies: these are used to remember preferences requested on previous visits, including changes made to customize the website according to your preferences. The information collected by these cookies is anonymous Performance cookies: They are used to analyze the way users visit our website (anonymously) and to optimize the website and provide a better shopping experience to users. The data we collect through cookies includes web pages viewed, entry and exit pages, search words used, etc… Advertising cookies: they are used to serve ads and products tailored to your preferences, needs and requirements both on and on other websites through “retargeting”.